About Us

Nepal has since long been in the bucket list of thousands of people across the globe and even more so these past few years. A land of enormous possibilities, Nepal has over the time offered exciting hospitality to millions. To many, the country is a small fragment of soil between two gigantic powerhouses that are India and China. But there’s much more to that. Nepal is a whole different package of unforgettable adventure, purpose, knowledge and potentials.

Nepal Experience is a solidary team of experienced professionals working towards achieving a common objective. Customizable, convenient and tailor-made travel packages for you across Nepal await!We are targeted at benefiting our clients with utmost reliability, affordability and trustworthy management. Our company welcomes tourists from around the world to the glorious nation of Nepal. Pack your bags, prepare your itinerary and leave the rest to us!

Nepal Experience Travels and Tours guarantees an effective deal throughout your trip. With the endless efforts of our quality staffs, we look forward to eliminating the struggle from your travel and let you sit back to enjoy!

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