Mount Manaslu is the eight highest Mountain in the world, 8163 meters high. Experience the mesmeric rich culture heritage, natural beauty and biological diversity apart from the chilling sight of mountains. This trek will lead you to the mind blowing Dhaulagiri, Himlung Himal, Annapurna and Ganesh Himal Peaks. The trek is restricted due to its high difficulty. It is only recommended for those who have previously tackled less extreme treks like Annapurna base camp, Everest base camp and are up for a more straining one. 


 Manaslu circuit trekking:

Surrounded by mountains and the diversity has made the trek more challenging and interesting. We walk through traditional Nepali and Tibetan villages which are a mixture of both the cultures and ethnicities. At the altitude of 5150 meter, surrounded by Manaslu Mountain and other peaks, the place grows more beautiful and interesting.

Program Itinerary

Day: 1 Arrival at Kathmandu

Day: 2 Departure to Arughat Bazaar, a 7 hour drive from Kathmandu.

Day: 3 Trek from Arughat Bazaar to Soti Khola, a five to six hour walk (530 meter)

Day: 4 Trek from Soti Khola to Machha Khola which is six hour walk (890metre)

Day: 5 Trek from Machha Khola to Jagat which is six hours walk (1350Metre)

Day: 6 Trek from Jagat to Philim which is three hour walking. (1350Metre)

Day: 7 Trek from Philim to Deng which is six hour walking (2095metre)

Day: 8 Trek from Deng to Namrung which is five hours walk (2900 meter)

Day: 9 Trek from Namrung to Lho Gaon which is four hours walk (3100metre)

Day 10: Trek from Lho Gaon to Sama Gaon which is four hour walk (3390metre)

Day 12: Rest Day at Sama Gaon

Day 13: Trek from Sama Gaon to Samdo which is a four hour walk (3690metre)

Day 14: Trek from Samdo to LarkYa La Phedi which is a three to four walk (4460metre)

Day 15: Trek from Larkya to La Phedi to Larkya Top Bhimthang, a seven to eight hours walk. (8803 meter)

Day 16: Trek from Bhimthang to Tilje slowly down hill overnight at Camp. (3900 meter)

Day 17: Trek from Tilje to Dharapani to Tal, a four hours walk (3675 meter)

Day 18: Trek from Tal to Jagat to Bahundandaa, a seven hours walk (3750 meter)

Day 19: Trek from Bahundanda to Ngadi to BhulBhule which is five to six hours walk (870 meter)

Day 20: Drive from Bhulbhule to Kathmandu by bus for 7 hours. Transfer to Hotel.

Day 21: Kathmandu sightseeing to the top places.

Day 22: Departure from Kathmandu international airport


Tsum Valley

The valley is situated in northern Gorkha. This valley is rich in ancient art, culture, and religion. The local people are of Tibetan origin. Unique culture and the view of Mountains like Ganesh Himal, Sringi Himal, Boudha Himal ranges has made the place even greater for trekking. Buddhism has its own norms and importance. The religion Buddhism prohibits destroying the nature, the reason why the ambience is pure and untouched here.

Program Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu and head towards the hotel for night stay

Day 2: Kathmandu drive bus to Arughat (535m)

Day 3: Trek from Arughat to Liding (860m)

Day 4: Trek from Liding to Machhalkola (930m)

Day 5: Trek from Machhalkola to Jagat (1410m)

Day 6: Trek from Jagat to Lakpa (2040m)

Day 7: Trek from Lakpa to Chumling (2361m)

Day 8: Trek from Chumling to Chhokangparo (3010m)

Day 9: Trek from Chhokangparo to Chhule-Nile (3361m)

Day 10: Trek from Chhule-Nile to Mu Gompa (3700m)

Day 11: Trek from Mu Gompa to Rachen Gompa (3240m)

Day 12: Trek from Rachen Gompa to Dumje (2440m)

Day 13: Trek from Dumje to Gumba Lungdang (3200m)

Day 14: Trek from Gumba Lungdang to Ripchet (2468m)

Day 15: Trek from Ripchet to Dobhan (1070m)

Day 16: Trek from Dobhan to Soti khola (720m)

Day 17: Trek from oti Khola to Arughat (535m)

Day 18: Drive from Arughat to Kathmandu

Day 19: Sightseeing in Kathmandu overnight at hotel.

Day 20: Departure from Kathmandu international Airport.

(Note: Breakfast, lunch and Dinner will be provided throughout the trekking days)






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